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How does concrete pressing work?

Stamped concrete is concrete that is poured into a form that contains metal rebars or a fiber frame. After hardening, the concrete is punched with fiber molds aligned or rolled next to one another. With the help of a specific contractor, you can create well-planned designs and color samples that complement the overall appearance of your property. Depending on your choice, you can use stone concrete or other finishes for a better and more distinctive appearance. Contact our experienced and dedicated concrete contractors for a quote. We offer a FREE no obligation consultation to explain your options and advise you based on your needs, expectations and budget. More and more Northern Virginia real estate owners have turned to concrete for the many benefits it offers. Stamped concrete is easy to clean and can be installed in a relatively short time.

Stamped concrete color options and patterns can be customized to complement your beautiful space. In combination with other landscaped assets around your home, stamped concrete can significantly improve the attractiveness of your roadside property. It’s much more durable and inexpensive than most natural stone options, making it a preferred option for adding value to your home and living space.



Is Stamped Concrete worth the money?

When hiring a local stamped concrete contractor you may balk at the cost of stamped concrete vs other cheaper materials. For example, the cost of stamped concrete is more than asphalt or simple poured concrete but it is infinitely more pleasing to the eye. When compare the cost of stamped concrete vs pavers though, stamped concrete is often times the less expensive option. Stamped concrete installers need less man hours to pour the concrete and then press a pattern into it. Placing individual paver stones or flagstone can take a lot of time which adds to your cost.

Beyond that, there is the upkeep or maintenance cost. Here is where stamped concrete is the clear winner as it is generally more durable and requires little to no upkeep. We have a special for residents of Springfield currently so give us a call to have the stamped concrete patio of dreams installed and ready for Spring of 2021.

Concrete surfacing is basically a thin cement-based overlay with bonding agents that is you’re over existing concrete to give it a new look. When your concrete starts to show cracks or pits, and you need a bit of facelift for it, we recommend concrete resurfacing. It is a form of concrete repair that renews your concrete’s surface, leaving it as good as new. Concrete resurfacing requires a bit of professionalism because everything has to be done with perfection. Our concrete resurfacing service is affordable and guaranteed to give you value for your money. We make our recommendations, you tell us what you want, and we get work. We have the staff strength that can adequately cover any scale of concrete resurfacing you have.

Benefits Of Concrete Resurfacing

A well finished concrete work looks attractive and gives your building an attractive outlook that will make your building the toast of your area. Concrete resurfacing offers you the opportunity to renew the aesthetic designs and color of your concrete. This is done by tinting the new surface with your preferred color and stamping the new surface with your preferred texture or pattern. You don’t have to spend money on installing fresh concrete when you opt for concrete resurfacing. Concrete resurfacing is durable, so you don’t have to worry about it not lasting as long as the regular concrete. Having a concrete resurfacing job done in your building increases the value of the building.

Why You Need To Do Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing is necessary when you start noticing irregularities on your concrete floor. It is cheaper than a major concrete work but is as durable and efficient as installing new concrete. When concrete starts to crack or break, it becomes aesthetically unappealing, reducing the value of the building. A damaged concrete also poses safety risks for people to walk on. Cracked concrete can also weaken the foundation if it starts to absorb water.

When You Know You Need Concrete Resurfacing

It is essential to pay attention to the condition of your concrete. Many things can damage your concrete and once you notice these things, call us at Stamped Concrete Patio Pros Of Alexandria. When you start noticing cracks and holes on your concrete, it’s a sign that you need to resurface your concrete. When your concrete starts to spall, and you notice a wrinkly look on the surface that suggests there is water within the surface of your concrete, you should start thinking about resurfacing the concrete.

Our Concrete Resurfacing Methods

Techniques and technology are essential in achieving the desired outcome for any concrete project we handle. When you use the right installation technique, the concrete is guaranteed to last you as long as possible. When we want to handle your concrete resurfacing, we clean the area to be resurfaced in order to remove any form of dust and debris. The next stage is to mix the resurfaced and apply it to the identified area. Our experienced staff will ensure that everything is done to perfection without leaving anything out.

Stamped Concrete Patio Pros

Can Stamped Concrete be done over existing concrete?

Our stamped concrete contractors can come up with a budget friendly option if a complete demolition will make the work too expensive. If you have an existing concrete standard gray broom finish then this is the least expensive option because you are taking advantage of the existing concrete that is there. And if the concrete is in good condition, this affordable option will leave you with the same beautiful look as a decorative stamped concrete. 

When you look at a thin quarter-inch overlay of pressed concrete on a driveway people cannot believe that it will stand up to the weight of their cars (looking at you Humvee drivers!) But to their shock, the thin decorative concrete overlay will last just as long as the base will. 

In a commercial setting, overlays have the advantage of being less distracting to the business as it cuts the work time down to complete a stamped concrete project considerably. A quick turnaround is a major factor in a retail establishment or a commercial setting so here again, stamped concrete overlays make a lot of sense.