Concrete Patio Contractors Alexandria

Concrete Patio Contractors

There are many concrete patio contractors in Northern Virginia which can make selecting the perfect one for your project difficult. What are some of the things that you should look for to find the best concrete patio contractors? You should ask for references and photographs of their previous work. A reputable concrete patio contractor will have a large portfolio of stamped concrete patios that they have completed. 

You should ask about their experience level. As you know any endeavor that you try to take on takes at least 10,000 hours of practice until you are an expert. Being a concrete patio contractor is no different and, so you should ask for someone who has at least five years of experience. Any concrete patio contractor worth their salt knows the first thing you need to do is put the forms up. A standard concrete patio is four inches deep. It is perfectly fine to use 2”x4” for the forms. It is important to find the center of the patio if it needs to be lined up with a feature on the home. Next, it is imperative that your concrete patio contractor checks the square so they should measure across the diagonal of the patio to make sure the length is identical both ways.  Then you can be sure that your pad is square. Then a good stamped concrete patio company will pin those two outside corners and then run string. The string gives an indication to pin the middle of the forms to make sure the middle of the forms are perfectly straight. Then to provide reinforcement, our stamped concrete contractors use rebar for reinforcement.



A company that is Insured, offers Quality Services

Confirm that the stamped concrete patio company carries enough insurance and verify that it is not expired. Unfortunately, things can go wrong at a job site and so you want to feel secure that you are hiring a professional who has prepared for all the possible outcomes.

 You could compare prices but understand that the cheapest price is not necessarily the best. We believe that in life you get what you pay for and so our stamped concrete patio prices are affordable and fair.  When our work is complete, you will see that every penny that you invested in your project is represented in the final quality of our work.

How did the customer representative treat you and your time and did they provide what you asked for? We believe that the way things start is often the way that they end and so your interaction with a concrete patio contractor from the get-go should be awesome.



Ask your concrete contractor if they have a plan for if and when the concrete cracks. A good  contractor will be able to put some strategic cuts in the concrete, which will induce the concrete to crack in a place that is not as obvious to the naked eye. Only a concrete patio contractor with experience would know these sorts of tricks. 

Concrete Cracks

There are many reasons why concrete cracks. The appearance of cracks will inevitably happen if the concrete wasn’t mixed properly, the site was not prepared properly, or even if the proper concrete finishing practices were not adhered to. A common crack in stamped concrete is called crusting cracks, which may happen during the concrete stamping process. If the weather is too sunny or windy, the top of the slab that is exposed to the weather, can dry out quicker than the bottom. This will cause crusts to form on the surface of the concrete. And therefore, when the stamp is pressed into it, it will pull the surface apart, near the stamp joints, which causes very small cracks on the edges of the “stone” pattern. These are not a concern for the structure, but certainly something to talk about with your concrete patio contractor, so that you understand what to do in case this happens.