PG County Stamped Concrete

How long does stamped concrete last?

Although stamped concrete is known to be a cost effective alternative to pavers, does it last as long as conventional. gray slab poured concrete, which is generally good for at least 25 years. 

We are happy to report back that the answer is yes, with a few asterisks. You will need a professional stamped concrete installers to perform the stamped concrete pour and press and you will need to maintain the stamped concrete, which will go over with how to do.

Our team of PG County stamped concrete pros will complete your stamped concrete patio or driveway with an application of sealer as well as color hardener after the concrete is poured. This is a different process than standard concrete, which can actually extend the life of your stamped concrete.

The reason why you want to hire the best PG County stamped concrete company is because your concrete installers have only one chance to press the concrete correctly. Concrete is unforgiving as surface defects and poor workmanship become permanent problems, and can be very difficult to repair. Make sure that your installers overlap the edges of the stamps so that they will feather out any seams created by the stamps. Otherwise, you will be left with a boring checkerboard pattern and have edges that do not have any eye appeal because of the lack of texture.



Hire our Experts for your Stamped Concrete Needs

You will also want to hire a PG County stamped concrete contractor that will cut in control joints – these will minimize the inevitable cracking that will happen with any concrete project, by forcing the concrete to crack in places that we strategically pick to minimize cracks at your sight lines. This is why you should get an explanation of the stamping pattern and overall slab design so that you understand that your stamped concrete installer has thought the entire project through.